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As a full-time flight attendant, based at New York City’s, John F. Kennedy airport, and a part-time hair stylist in Ocala, Florida, you can imagine how chaotic life can be. For a little extra icing on my cupcake (as I much prefer them over, say… cookies) I live in Gainesville, Florida, home to The University of Florida’s “Gators” so, my commute to and from either job may be anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours. Meals on the go, forgetting to pack the necessities (yes! the unmentionables ladies) and my gosh, did I drop my sanity on the pavement while unloading my suitcase?

All things considered, I am one lucky girl! I get to see the world and meet the most interesting people. Enjoying delicious food, exotic beverages, cozy beds and sipping warm coffee with a glimpse of the city are all an exciting part of my travels. My dream bounced right in my lap (well, almost…after a lot of years and tons of hard work) and now I want to help extend some of my dream to you…at your fingertips.

At Here and Now…with Heather you’ve found your home for new items, tips, tricks and, offers that I think might be helpful to you in your journey… at home, date nights (wink, wink), really, wherever comfort takes you. Information, opinions and, details will be updated as new products become available and as quickly as I am able to, hopefully, help you in your search. Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting… wherever your travels may take you!


This Week’s Favorite Finds:

My favorite type of morning is relaxing with my favorite blend in hand as I prepare to start my day. Sometimes I lose sight of time. How often does that happen to you? Ever wish you could wrap your morning coffee, errands and, complete workout into one cup? This CUP OF SPLENDOR may be the answer you’ve been searching for! If Diet & Weight Loss has been your main concern but a stubborn goal you haven’t been successful with this may be a great product to help you achieve results.  

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New Goods:

While not everything is considered new that makes it to these shelves (well, you know what I mean) sometimes the oldies are the goodies… and sometimes the goodies are the best! If you haven’t found an offer that benefits you, perhaps you’ve found the perfect gift for a loved one.

There are many choices here that can enhance or simplify, not only, your everyday life but, special occasions, also. Check back regularly and spread the word as categories, offers, promotions, items and, products may update and/or change.

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I aim to lead my internet friends into a community of fun, but trustworthy place for you to invest your time and navigate the newest resources offered.

Thank you for visiting with me! I hope you’ve found a place to call home!